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What's different about our soaps.

100% Natural
Coconut Oil

We only select top quality ingredients to craft premium soaps that gently clean the skin. Unlike others, our soaps are made exclusively from 100% refined natural coconut oil. The all natural coconut oil makes our soaps soft, moisturizing yet tough against grime.

With A Powerful
Charcoal Punch

Each soap packs a generous amount of organic activated charcoal to delivery a powerful exfoliating and deoderizing bath experience. Detox daily with our soaps knowing that we only source USDA certified organic food-grade charcoal for a healthier living.

Immunologist Made

Our PhD experts take the time and knwoledge to carefully select and process ingredients in to our premium soaps that are not only gentle to the skin but tough against microbes.

So Lather Up to Conquer Another Day

Combining the amazing powers of coconut oil with charcoal, we have finally developed a line of bar soaps tough enough for hard working men. The all-natural soaps have a soft and smooth lather while being tough against dirt and viruses. Combined with the power of organic charcoal, treat yourself to an incredible exfoliating and deoderizing bath experience.

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