Our Story

GENLTE to the skin, TOUGH against viruses.

Our mission at Otsukare Sun is to handcraft quality soaps to promote personal hygiene and healthier living. We take care to source our ingredients from reputable distributors that sell natural or certified organic products. All of the soaps are handcrafted by us in small batches using cold process soap making with care and love.

Soaps have been around for over 5000 years and are an effective way to fight against microbes, including viruses. A 2018 study shows that soap can interact with the envelop (exterior layer) of Influenza virus effectively inactivating it (Kawahara et al, 2018). The amphiphilic soap salts in our organic charcoal soaps are able to effectively remove these unwanted pathogens off your hands with generous amount of soap and water.

Cleanliness with a Conscience

We strive to deliver the highest quality soaps paired with sustainability. Our soaps are all made by cold process soap making from natural 100% coconut oil, with organic charcoal. No palm oil is used in the soap making process. Each one of our soaps is free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, parabens, or other harmful or unnatural ingredients. We believe in only using the purest natural ingredients to craft our soaps. Our soaps are also made cruelty free (no animal testing) and used daily by the founder.

The all natural 100% coconut oil makes these soaps moisturizing and excellent for sensitive skin. The organic charcoal helps exfoliate and remove dead skin, providing a rejuvenating experience in the shower. Lather up with one of our essential oils soaps for a relaxing aromatic experience.

Kenneth P. Hough, PhD

Immunologist and former Medical Research Scientist

Meet the Founder

I earned my doctoral degree in immunology from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2019 under the mentorships of Dr. Jessy Deshane and Dr. Victor Thannickal.  Immunology is the study of how our body fights against germs, viruses and other foreign material that may make you sick.  By better understanding how our immune system works, we can create effective vaccines strategies and medications to help prevent or fight infection.

As an immunologist, I cannot stress enough the importance of washing hands, as well as practicing good personal hygiene.  Especially in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, washing your hands before eating, cooking, and after using the restroom can help prevent the spread of disease. While hand sanitizers may be effective and convenient, they are only meant to substitute hand washing when access to running water and soap is not an option.

Just remember, a simple commodity such as soap, which has been around for over 5000 years, can protect us and our loved ones from getting sick.

Stay clean and healthy!

Our Promise

Our revitalizing soaps are handcrafted in small batches only using the highest quality natural ingredients we can find.

Natural Ingredients

Each soap is handcrafted with love using only natural ingredients that are either certified organic or non-GMO.

Paraben Free

We believe in using only natural ingredients so each soap is crafted free of synthetic chemicals such as parabens.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals.  Ken, our founder,  has agreed to be our safety guinea pig using our soaps daily.